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Clifton Cape Town South Africa Visitor Information

Clifton Cape Town South Africa Visitor Information Click here for Clifton Villas

Known as Millionaire Row, Clifton is possibly the most glamorous stretch of Cape Town coastline. Clifton villas and self catering accommodation are booked months in advance and Cape Town holiday rentals are highly popular in this area. Why? Clifton is famous for its four beautiful beaches which lie at the base of steep hillside; hillside which is covered by million-dollar holiday apartments, Clifton villas, beach bungalows and rental properties. Not unlike the south coast of France, the Clifton beaches are renowned for their pearly white sands and dazzling cobalt blue waters, which although not very warm, are the perfect refresher after a hot days tanning in the Cape Town sun.

All four Clifton beaches are accessed by paths leading down from the main road, between the holiday villas, apartment complexes and Clifton beach bungalows that the cover the mountainside. Due to their secluded nature, these beaches are possibly the best Cape Town has to offer holiday makers wanting to soak up the summer sunshine, allowing beachgoers hours of sun-worshipping sheltered from the infamous Cape south-easter wind. Alternatively, charter a luxury yacht from Cape Town harbour and anchor in one of Clifton's coves for unique views of the coastline and up close interactions with the dolphins & whales which frolic in Clifton s waters.

Why choose self catering accommodation in Clifton Cape Town? Well, what more idyllic way to end a summery day at the beach than by watching a beautiful Cape Town sunset from your private beach bungalow, a rental apartment or a luxury Cape Town villa? Clifton offers some of the most upmarket holiday accommodation in Cape Town, and also the most spell-binding beach & sea views imaginable.

Clifton is nestled between the beautiful Cape Town beach suburbs of Bantry Bay and Camps Bay. Camps Bay is renown for its fabulous beachfront lined with wonderful restaurants, bistro's and exclusive cocktail bars. Also short drives from Clifton are the famous V&A Waterfront and vibrant city centre of Cape Town. Self catering accommodation in Clifton is a mixture of rental apartments, beach bungalows and luxury holiday villas perched on the Cape Town hillside, offering breathtaking views of this wonderful coastline. Cape Villa Collection offers luxury Clifton holiday rental accommodation.

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